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The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means "Universal Life" and (Ki) which means "Energy." Reiki is a gentle and loving energy used to activate one's natural healing processes.  


During a session, the practitioner channels Divine Love and Light from "Universal Energy" into the body and helps to clear out all of life's debris that no longer serve your higher self, such as old thoughts, patterns, memories, relationships, other people's energies, worries, etc.  Anything of a lower vibration that does not match our own vibration will be recycled out of our energy field. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion. It is administered to the client with a hands-on approach and/or through distance healing as well.  Both sessions are equally as strong and effective. 


Reiki is an intelligent energy that balances and cleanses the chakras and energetic aura. During a session, it is common for a client to release energy, whether it is through yawning, laughter, sneezing, crying, or falling asleep. Your body knows what it needs and the life force energy knows exactly where your body needs it the most. 


Everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and to strengthen the energy within themselves. Disease can be caused by stuck energy from our past experiences that we have never fully let go of. These energies get trapped in certain areas all over the physical body and the life force energy cannot flow freely.  As a result of a Reiki session, the client can stimulate their own life force energy to flow properly. Old energies begin to come to the surface and move out of the energetic aura field. The chakras (energy centers in the body) become realigned.  The body begins to run on it's own pure energy flow. 


Each Reiki session is a unique experience. The client can expect to be surrounded by healing crystals on or around the body during each session. Essential oils may also be incorporated before the session begins. 


Distance Reiki Healing Sessions can be set up according to the clients’ needs – via Skype, FaceTime or a phone call.  The practitioner will guide the client exactly on what to do to get set up for a Distance Reiki Healing Session.  The client can sit or lie down in a comfortable position in their home and set up their own personal sacred space, including but not limited to soothing music, crystals, essential oils, and/or candles of their choice. 


The Benefits of Reiki:


- Promotes Deep Relaxation

- Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety 

- Activates the Body's Natural Healing Abilities

- Improves Sleep Quality

- Balances the Mind and Emotions

- Improves Mental Clarity

- Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Enhancing

- Improves Harmony and Balance

- Reduces Brain Activity & Body Temperature

- Dissolves Energy Blocks

- Helps to Balance the Chakras

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