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Custom catered and developed experiences

A holistic retreat combining group Pilates and Reiki mixing in gentle guided meditation, inspirational conversations that speak to your higher-self. 

Optional, workshops include preparing a plant based meal, group activities will vary but always include exploring fun in local and cultural activities, volunteering with a local rescue or organization. 

Practice being present and the results will leave you balanced, happy, healthy and relaxed!

We believe that the combination of beautiful surroundings, carefully selected locations, magical energy, in luxury accommodation will promote relaxation and rejuvenation. 

With daily Pilates and Reiki, healthy yet delicious food. 

At BALANCED RETREATS we are connecting like minded people in stunning locations in Indonesia, the Caribbean, Europe, Central & South America to name a few. 

  • Mat Pilates 

  • Reiki 

  • Gentle Guided Meditation

  • Delicious Plant Based Food 

  • Fun & Cultural activities

  • Giving back by a form of Volunteering 

  • Relaxation free time 

  •  Rejuvenation & Spa services

  • Encourage Wellness  

  • BALANCE by stimulating mind body & soul 

BALANCED RETREATS is more than the average retreat that only focuses on one or two things we're combining all elements to create a holistic, unforgettable experience, leaving you to feel more alive, grounded happy and whole. 

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