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All the Pieces in Balance

  • Pilates

  • Reiki 

  • Energy Healing 

  • Mindfulness

  • Delicious plant-based food

  • Relaxation

  • Fun

  • Local activities 

  • Cultural day trips

  • Giving back by volunteering 


All in the quest to restore Balance by stimulating mind, body and soul. 


BALANCED RETREATS is more than the average retreat that only has one focal point. 

We're combining all elements to create a holistic, unforgettable experience, leaving you to feel more alive, grounded and whole.




We offer a holistic approach combing group sessions of Mat Pilates and Reiki healing circles, daily meals all of which will be locally sourced and plant based and prepared in house, by Chef Smitty.

Optional workshops, pre-organised local tours all in exceptional locations in high end private villas. surrounded by of nature.  This retreat will give the mind, body and spirit a refreshing reset as well as fueling energy and creativity.












Mat Pilates focuses on form, breath and plenty of core engagement, balance, flexibility, using a series  of exercises to improve physical strength, posture an enhance mental awareness. And it"s also a great way to slim down and tone up! 






Reiki, an ancient healing method, and stands for 'universal life force energy' it is always present and permeates the whole world and universe. Reiki, works for everybody and is not based on belief, faith or suggestion. It is a very strong and simple way to change your life profoundly for the better. Known to reduce stress, ease tension and help the body heal on all levels be it physical, emotional and spiritual.

Benefits include:

-Stress Reduction


-Activates the Body's Natural Healing Abilities

-Reduce Brain Activity & Body Temperature

-Better Sleep

-Balancing the Mind and Emotions

-Mental Clarity







Our Vegan chef Dennis will provide 2 meals a day to support our lifestyle, that excludes the consumption or use of any products made from animals and adds an extremely positive impact on health and well being. 


Are all optional but a chance to venture out with the group, and explore local culture, and fun photo worthy to do's. 

Giving back is a huge part of our philosophy, as we believe we are all one, so volunteering at a local organization will always be an option for all BR attendees, most likely involving animals in most need based of country of destination.

(these will always vary based on location) 

Of course you can also choose to stay back read by pool, get a massage or simply take a nap! 

Each retreat will offer a few hand selected activities, but we're always happy to assist anyone who may have the urge to explore something else alone or in a separate group.


All our retreats will be in held at luxury accommodations which will provide a picture-perfect setting for your stay with us. 

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