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Malyvahn lives a life steeped in miracles, where extraordinary is the norm, not the exception. She extends an invitation to dream bigger and discover your unique path to abundance. Her transformative practices, including breathwork, mantras, and mindset work, are infused with her unwavering belief in her own magic, and she's passionate about helping you believe in yours as well.

Malyvahn's journey led her to study with Kundalini masters Tej and Harijiwan, where Kundalini Yoga and Meditation became a lightning-fast catalyst for her personal growth and healing. She harnesses the power of guided breathwork to facilitate expansive quantum leaps in her students' magnetic fields. Malyvahn's ultimate goal is to provide a nurturing space, guided by ancient teachings, where every student can reach their highest state of prosperity and discover the profound wellspring of self-love.


Unlock miracles and embrace prosperity with breathwork, mantras, and mindset work. Tap into your inner magic for self-love and abundance.

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